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Products: Professional Hairdresser Products and Tools in Weston, FL

Looking for the best hair care products and brushing/combing tools in Weston, Florida? Search no more! Toored Hair Solutions include a fantastic line of professional grade shampoos, conditioners, styling and combing products to make your hair lusciously shiny, extremely healthy and super easy to maintain. Come by the salon, or order online here

Services: Hair Care Award Winning Techniques in Weston, FL

The best keratin, highlights, haircut and color in Weston Florida, is undoubtedly Toored’s. Be one of the hundreds of satisfied clients Toored serves every day with second to none professional skills, unrivaled customer service and a state of the art scheduling system. Because expert care for your hair is fundamental if you desire in-home simple maintenance. Choose Toored; you will be glad you did.

Toored: The Best Hair Stylist in Weston, FL

Toored is managed and operated by Calogero Tramonte, an internationally recognized stylist and image consultant, now serving the Weston and South Florida community. Trained by the best hair stylists in the world, Calogero Tramonte at Toored, has become synonimus of hair that is shinny, silky, free of gray hair and with an irresistible seductive hue. Calogero Tramonte at Toored will work with you in determining the best look for your hair style, including shape, tone, care and maintenance; surpassing your expectations while taking into consideration your lifestyle.