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Red Hair


Depending on what your face shape is – oval, square, pear, round, diamond or heart – there will be haircuts that looks best on you. We’ll give you the perfect one!


We can help you find your perfect hair color. Whether you like highlights, ombre, bright hues or just one tone, we’ll make you look your best!

Aesculus hippocastanum Horse-chestnut Kasztanowiec zwyczajny

To keep your hair looking shiny and healthy you need to treat it. Treatments are like facials for your hair. We’ll recommend the one that will revitalize your hair.

Braid Hairstyle. Brown Long Hair close up. Healthy Hair

Whether you have a major social event or just want to pamper yourself, we’ll style your hair to make you look georgeous! Up-do, curly, sleek, … you’ll look great


Calogero Tramonte - The stylist behind the myth
Calogero Tramonte


Calogero started his career as hair washer in a renowned Venezuelan salon, became the studio assistant in less than a year, and soon an apprentice hair stylist.

Training was always at the center of Calogero’s developing skills, keeping abreast of the latest trends, techniques and styles. His hard work paid off and won first place in the Wella’s National stylist competition in Venezuela. He went to France to train with Provost, a well known giant of the styling world.

He later became training coordinator at the successful Sebastian franchise. Afterwards, he moved to Weston, Florida where now offers his very sought after services to the South Florida clientele.

Beautiful  like only you can do it!!! God bless you and your creativity forever!

– Ross T.


Excellent service and hospitality and, most importantly, always punctual.

– Bogdan M.

Congratulations Carlos! The best highlights in 30 years!!! Thanks!!!

– Mónica A.


Cuidado para el verano

El cabello contiene entre un 10 y un 15% de agua y con el calor del verano, parte de esta agua se evapora y es importante compensar esta pérdida de hidratación del cabello. Para esto pueden hacer lo siguiente:

1. Shampoo y acondicionador: asegúrense de usar los que estén formulados para hidratar. Algunos de los elementos que proporcionan hidratación son el aceite de macadamia, el aceite de argán y la keratina. La transpiración enfría la piel y el cuero cabelludo y ayuda a distribuir la grasa del cuero cabelludo a través del cabello. Ello junto a la creciente producción de sebo en los días de calor hacen que sea necesario lavarse el pelo con más frecuencia. Lavarlo con agua templada es muy beneficioso para el cabello, el cuero cabelludo y la circulación.

2. Refuerzo hidratante: Los productos con aceite, como el Silkat R5 Oil Repair con aceite de argán, son muy útiles para devolver la hidratación al cabello dañado por el sol. Pueden aplicarse sobre el cabello húmedo o seco.

3. El contenido cuenta: Lo ideal es que los productos de cuidado capilar para verano contengan Keratina o pantenol, ya que son ingredientes muy hidratantes.

4. Hidratación desde dentro: Es importante beber una cantidad suficiente de agua. El agua sin gas y el té sin edulcorantes son excelentes bebidas refrescantes.

5. Hidratación previa: Antes de entrar a la piscina, pueden mojarse bien el cabello con agua fresca. El cabello es como una esponja, si se satura con agua fresca tendrá menos chance de absorber el cloro de la piscina.


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Come see us and have a good hair day!

Hairstylist – noun \-, stī-list\: A person who touches more hearts than hair

Calogero Tramonte has dedicated his life to enhancing women’s beauty. He has competed and trained with the best but the most important skill
he has developed is to provide his clients with the highest standard of service in a fun enviroment. “We want the whole experience to be
heartwarming for every one of our clients. We want them to relax, have fun and leave confident, knowing that they look fantastic!”


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Our passion. What we do. What you'll love.

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