Chemical treatments

The coloring products and chemicals that your hair is exposed to are a complicated matter and must only be applied using the proper techniques. During these processes, your hair loses it’s keratin’s amino acids. These amino acids must be replenished by applying the right products and treatments. If they are not replenished, your hair can lose its healthy shine and become dull and hard to manage.

New products for your hair!

We now have “Repair”, a prestigious Italian line of hair products. Their treatment consists of 5 steps. This cutting edge line uses the latest technology to nurture and repair your hair using natural elements such as macadamia and argan oils, which provide hydration. It also contains amino acids extracted from lime, blueberries and grapefruit, to restructure the hair’s structural protein, keratin.

My recommendation: try using healing treatments and leave-in conditioners daily, every two weeks or every time you come to the salon.

Remember, our goal is not to sell products; it’s to sell solutions.